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TeamStatPro version 5. Bowling Statistics for Team and/or Individuals in an easy to use Excel spread sheet program. Now supports Hand Held PC's and Cell phones using Symbian OS that can read and write to standard Microsoft Excel files. Sync with any device which imports and exports .xls files. Print out Team and/or Individual statistics throughout the year for your team members or for yourself. Professionally developed by Bowlers for the Bowler.

Best and easiest to use Bowling Shareware product on the planet.

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Registered users of version 4 may upgrade for only $9.95

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I have some sound built in so be sure you have this feature enabled for your system. You might even find a surprise or two.

Why TeamStatPro?

TeamStatPro allows YOU the bowler to...

- Enter your INDIVIDUAL and/or your TEAM scores enabling you to track all the usual bowling statistics (Highs, Lows, Averages, Earnings etc.) throughout the year. We also support Cell phones with Symbian OS, Palm HandHelds and Pocket PC's with Windows CE.*

- PRINT out individual stat sheets for YOU and/or YOUR TEAM MATES at any interval throughout the year including year end recap. Your team mates will love you for this.

- Automatically and accurately determine your Team's year end prize fund distribution base on the number of games bowled by each member of the team.

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What is TeamStatPro?

TeamStatPro is highly specialized software for the Bowling Community. It is the only complete TEAM oriented and INDIVIDUAL Bowling Statistical data base program on the planet. It has been designed and developed by a team of Excel developers who are also Bowlers. TeamStatPro is a Microsoft Excel spread sheet file. If you know Excel, you already know how to use TeamStatPro. You must, of course, have a copy of Microsoft Excel to use this file. At this time TeamStatPro ver 4 has been tested in Excel Version 2000, XP and Excel within Office XP. TeamStatPro works fine for your PC or your Mac.

TeamStatPro HandHeld ver. 5 now supports the entery of your scores and points into your Cell phone, Palm hand held or pocket PC!

We support Symbian OS, Palm OS and Windows CE.

Now most Cell phones (Symbian OS), any Pocket PC (Windows CE) or Palm Handheld PC (Palm OS) that can read or write to basic Excel files and can sync with your PC will work with TeamStatPro ver 5.

All you have to do to use this product is to enter your information in the Info sheet. Then simply enter your individual scores in the Data Entry sheet. That's it!

The rest is TOTALLY AUTOMATIC and 100% accurate!


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TeamStatPro Features

Here are some of the features to look for:
(Italic lines denote new features in TeamStatPro Hand Held ver. 5)

- ALL Calculations are Automatic and instantaneous.
- You only ever enter individual games once. TeamStatPro does the rest!
- Supports unlimited Teams via use of multiple sheets.
- Supports data input into most Cell phones, Palm Handheld's and/or Pocket PC's.
- Sync's with PC and Cell phones and HandHelds. Only enter scores once! Best for one team.
- Enter scores using PC and/or your Cell phone, Hand Held Palm or Windows CE Computer.
- Track dues and/or arrears for each player week by week and keep a running total.
- Supports from 1 thru 10 Individuals per Team, plus substitutions.
- Supports from 1 thru 5 games (inclusive) per week and/or night.
- Supports up to 52 weeks of Bowling Statistics per year in one file.
- Supports Team and/or Individual point systems.
- Calculates individual handicap for various handicap systems and methods
- Provides Individual and/or Team Statistics of all types (actual).
- Provides Individual and/or Team Earnings (up to the minute) including arrears.
- Tracks bowlers who are in Arrears (up to the minute).
- Provides credit for team members who pay for substitutions to bowl on their behalf.
- Calculates Individual Earnings based on games bowled. (up to the minute).
- Calculates Individual Earnings based on who paid for spares to bowl.
- Provides space for Weekly Comments on anything you wish.
- Enable's you to record Team mates Phone No's and e-mail addresses.
- Determines who has a night off next week based on games bowled and last time off.
- Provides Individual and/or Team Print Out at any time interval.
- Provides Individual and/or Team Print Out at Year End.
- Provides a way to enter Team Points for all point systems with running totals.
- Provides a way to enter Individual Points for all point systems with running totals.
- Provides Trends and identifies significant changes in Individuals statistics.
- One button initialization (version 4). Not required for version 5.

- Enter scores only once and get BOTH your Team and your Individual statistics instantly as you type them in (or sync) without switching screens or calling up reports.

- You get instant feedback, as you enter (or sync) the individual scores. Very intuitive and easy to use.

- TeamStatPro consists of ONE file for PC, ONE file for your Cell or HandHeld. (ver. 5 only). Easy to backup using only 1.8Mb (aproximately for PC) of disk space, and is lightning fast. (Cell/HandHeld file is aproximately 100k).

Some of the best things about TeamStatPro,
is the absence of useless information and the need for multiple clicks. No confusing windows or screens. No silly steps required. No unnecesary key strokes. No meaningless graphs. No unnecesary clicks.

ALL information is there before your eyes right where you enter/sync your scores!

NO need to search or hunt for information.
NO cluttered screens. NO confusing reports.
Everything is in front of you or just "ONE" click away!


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About the authors

We all have day time jobs and this project represents hundreds of man hours. TeamStatPro has been created to fill a vary specific need and we think it does it better than anything else on the planet at any price. Check it out yourself. We are all individuals who enjoy the game of Bowling and use TeamStatPro with all our own individual teams. This software has been under development for over ten years and has steadily evolved and improved over this time period. We sincerely hope you enjoy TeamStatPro and support our efforts to keep it the best and easiest bowling statistical software to use.

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The registered version 5 of TeamStatPro HandHeld is only $59.95 US funds.
The registered version 4 of TeamStatPro is only $49.95 US funds.

Order on-line now using our secure order system provided by PayPal services.

Order TeamStatPro HandHeld version 5 for only $59.95

Order TeamStatPro version 4 for only $49.95

Registered version 4 users may upgrade to version 5 for only $9.95

Alternatively we also accept Cash, Cheque and International Money Order's.

Please note also that checks must be cleared first, before you can receive your registered version. Our preferred method of delivery is via e-mail so be sure to include your correct e-mail address when ordering.

A $10.00 (US funds) additional shipping and handling charge applies ONLY if you require a CD mailed to you.


Thank YOU for your interest in TeamStatPro.

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